main lands and long winters

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Main Lands and Long Winters
Jane Walker

23 September 2017 – 7 January 2018
The Rooms , Level 3 Media Room
St. John’s, NL, Canada

Commissioned by The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery

Jane Walker moved to Bonavista this past winter after a year of studying in Scotland. Alone at first, she joined the Monday night sewing group at the Legion, where she found the company of local women. The conversation often touched on family who had left for the “mainland” in search of opportunities. Walker was struck by a similar sense of longing she had observed in those who she had met in Scotland – the idea of a distant place that might have more, that might be better.

This new body of work was created while listening to these Monday conversations. Walker’s choice of steel wool reflects the hooked mat tradition of working with readily available materials. Gently rusted in places with salt water from both Troon, Scotland and Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland, the stark colour scheme and uncluttered placement evoke a psychological space. A bed represents a site of rest as we contemplate two polarities: “lands that we know and lands that we long for”.

Mireille Eagan
Curator of Contemporary Art

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Clockwise from left:

Lady of the Log Cabin

Steel wool, steel mesh, pine

110 x 185 cm



Looking East

Steel wool, partly rusted with sea water from Troon beach, steel mesh, pine

80 x 110 cm



Looking West

Steel wool, partly rusted with sea water from Bonavista Bay, steel mesh, pine

80 x 110 cm