main lands and long winters

Main Lands and Long Winters, the talk of the town it seems

It’s always relational I think, that feeling you have when you’re not on The Mainland
What is the mainland anyway?
The place with the things, the jobs, and the good fortune
The land we might resent, the land we might dream of

Mainland as elsewhere, as The Land of Boundless Material

Mainland as town,
Mainland as Canada,
Mainland as not here

Main Lands as lands that we know and lands that we long for

The lands where we sleep and the lands where we hook

The Lands that hold our Main thoughts

The winters here are long they say, this year especially so

Matting season and Monday nights at the Legion

Coldness and caring

Being alone and being together

Hard Work, Soft Work

Passing time

Passing thoughts

Safety in this land
Safety in this bed

Lady of the Log Cabin